Every cultural institution has valueable assets that need to be safeguarded and developed - and ever more so in our expanding digital universe.


We have compiled a number of guides and allied ourselves with one of Denmark's leading legal specialists in the field of digital rights with a broad knowledge of the cultural sector's specific needs.


Martin von Haller Groenbaek is a versatile  IT lawyer: Tech community specialist, business angel, open source specialist  who in 2018 was the only lawyer on the Norden 100 list, which recognizes the 100 most influential profiles on the Nordic technological scene each year.


As businesses begin to understand and appreciate the value of the cultural collaboration and use of cultural iconography and narrative, it becomes even more important to understand how these assets can be applied, protected and managed.


In BARC, members gain access to standard contracts, guides, and best case practices on how to best identify and manage both physical, digital, and intellectual values and rights.


Internationally cultural institutions are experiencing an increasing interest in branding and licensing collaborations from private companies and the creative industry.


A licensing strategy is not only the basis of substantial financial income, but can handled properly also be a highly effective marketing opportunity, and therefore requires a thorough understanding of the partners' channels, opportunities, needs and obligations.


In our knowledge centers you can see how licensing agreements can be implemented in a large number of inspiring case studies.



Commercial activity is likely to be central to the experience that a visitor has, it is not an add-on but a key activity…..
Kilde: The Mendoza Review of Cultural Activity 2018

Merchandise is a simple and faceted option when a cultural institution wants to increase its own earnings. It is also a surprisingly healthy exercise in creating a physical manifestation of who you think you are and what you represent.


We have gathered a wide range of examples of collaborations, business agreements and case studies that illustrate how merchandise is so much more than a T shirt!



BARC Scandinavia is a membership based organisation dedicated to providing members a 360 degree focus and insight of digitalisation, commerce and communication within the Scandinavian cultural sector. 

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