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Strategy meeting on the future of festivals


At a time when tickets are selling out in record time, Smukfest wanted to look itself in the mirror to discover whether the festival is communicating the right values and attracting the right audience who want to buy into the festival's set of values. On the strategy day for the board and management, a critical view from the outside was thus desired with a distinction to relevant national and international trends as well as future scenarios that could conceivably affect a festival like Smukfest - all in order to timely adjust it's development efforts.


BARC Scandianvia carried out a thorough review of Smukfest's strategic documents and audience-directed communication, as well as an external analysis of relevant signals, trends and currents in the festival landscape, cultural life in general and in the ESG area. We carried out pre-interviews with key figures and, by agreement, obtained additional relevant data from the festival's data team. The result was a 2-hour session which, within a number of different areas, pushed the festival's self-understanding and modus operandi and formed the basis for fruitful and directional discussions around the table.


Customer says

"On our strategy day, we wanted to be "disrupted" from the outside, with an overview of international trends and currents that could conceivably shape the future of a festival like ours. BARC Scandinavia delivered an inspiring and eye-opening session that gave the management and board food for thought in relation to future development areas and scenarios - within, among other things, consumer behaviour, community and hosting, digital flows and the ESG area. At the same time, we experienced that BARC did thorough research on who we are, and came with a strong understanding of our history, unique DNA and stakeholders."

Søren Eskildsen

Spokesperson, Smukfest

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