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Accelerator: Business development for music


The genre organization Tempi wanted to strengthen actors across the organization's genre area, in order to strengthen the quality of the projects Tempi could enter into collaborative relationships with - and thus the genre as a whole. There was a need for a process which - across the many different types of actors who act within the genres (artists, organizers, podcast producers, managers, etc.) - could focus on business-critical areas and processes, and provide tools for strengthened self-management and business development on own premises.


Together with Søren Friis Møller and Cultural Democracy, during the Corona pandemic we developed a predominantly digital teaching course where, in a series of webinars - supplemented with physical formats - we helped the participants develop their own projects via measures such as digital organisation, partnerships, audience development, paywalls etc. The course was rounded off with a "pitch session" where an external panel gave feedback and advice for further development. In the following year, the course has been repeated and continuously adjusted to optimize yield and results.


Customer says

"BARC Scandinavia has helped us to design and facilitate our Accelerator program for all types of actors within our genre area. BARC has put together a strong course that develops the participants in a number of areas that are necessary to be able to compete in today's attention economy - within e.g. business development, digital tools and partnerships. The programme has been well planned and executed, and most importantly, the participants have come far. Furthermore, the programme has helped mature projects which has subsequently provided substantial funding - such as, for example, Folkdance for the Future".

Laia Canals

Director, Tempi

In collaboration with: Cultural Democracy

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