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Museums of Northern Jutland


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Business development, city-collaboration and digital innovation


In 2020, it was decided to initiate a feasibility study with a view to developing Aalborg as a historical destination, including a renovation of the museum in Algade. The wish was an investigation of which measures, both architecturally, in terms of communication and business, could release the full potential for the story of Aalborg's history. For business development and partnerships there was a need for recommendations on how to develop the areas taking into account the museum's capacity and resources and in harmony with possible local partners and stakeholders - in a sustainable business plan.


BARC designed a course that integrated into parallel tracks around architecture and exhibition design, where, together with key employees in creative workshops and processes, we were able to map the full potential in terms of business development, earning opportunities, digital approaches and partnerships. BARC's recommendations were included in a comprehensive prospectus for the further financing work, and immediately after the presentation to the city council, a grant of DKK 30 million was given from Aalborg Municipality, which has since been supplemented with more funds.

Museums of Northern Jutland

Customer says

"Through the collaboration with BARC Scandinavia, we have gained renewed insight into our target groups, earning potential and necessary digital measures. In particular, we have become aware of how partnerships with the outside world can help us realize opportunities, strengthen relevance and create new business - something we want focus on in our business development going forward.”​

Lars Chr. Nørbach

Museum Director, Museums of Northern Jutland

In collaboration with: Torden & Lynild og Arkitema

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