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Council of Danish Artists


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Cultural political citizen-meeting


In connection with the 2022 general election, the Danish Artists' Council wanted to draw focus to political issues and create increased visibility and evidence among citizens and politicians about the artists' situation as well as the proposed solutions DKR itself has put forward. At the same time, there was a need to reach out more widely in the country than a single physical arrangement made possible.


We assisted with planning, recruitment of panellists, moderation and live streaming of the citizens' meeting - for increased reach. We started with a discussion of which of the special cases aligned best with the current political streams and other trends in society and from there we settled on a number of tracks. We brought in our own network and conducted preliminary interviews with the participants to ensure the highest possible degree of coherence and common thread in the panel debates.

Council of Danish Artists

Customer says

"BARC Scandinavia helped us organize our cultural policy citizens' meeting in the autumn of 2022. We had a fruitful collaboration with BARC regarding relevant panelists, contacts from our own network as well as setting a framework that ensured that our special issues were discussed at a high level with an eye for the most important trends in and for the sector. BARC also helped with facilitation and moderation, technical aspects and a live stream via Facebook which enabled us to reach even more users around the whole country. All the way through we experienced good advice and help."​

Anne-Mette Wehmüller

Head of secretariat, Council for Danish Artists

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