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House of H. C. Andersen


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Digitalization and partnerships


H.C. Andersens Hus had a desire to create a digital offer for children and young people. At the same time, there was a need to create a digital leg for the school service. The museum just didn't have a digital department that could take on the task of competing with Disney, Netflix and Fortnite on the home front - or that could contribute to teaching in the digital area.


Without an internal digital department, we sought out relevant partners and found the right partner at Microsoft, which owns the Minecraft platform. A partnership with Microsoft brought together the best of two worlds. Minecraft exists in three versions, two of which were relevant to the museum's challenge: the java version is played by the children in their free time. The Education version is part of the Office365 package that most municipalities use in their primary school education. Via BARC, the museum entered into a partnership with Microsoft, funded by Microsoft's headquarters in Seattle, focussed on creating a learning universe for H.C. Andersen - the first Danish course in Minecraft. The course can later be versioned into other languages and thus secure anchoring of H.C. Andersen's life and works in international school education. Andersen's world in Minecraft Education can then be transferred to java and provide an up-to-date digital offer on the world's largest - and safest - gaming platform.

House of H. C. Andersen

Customer says

"Collaboration and partnership are in Microsoft's DNA – the partnership with the House of H.C. Andersen and BARC Scandinavia is new to us, but it introduces us to a whole range of new opportunities to learn more and find new and interesting business partners."

Morten Ovesen

Industry Executive for Education, Microsoft

In collaboration with: Microsoft Global

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